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Our history

Nine years ago, we were far from suspecting that we were about to have a meeting that was out of the ordinary. Indeed, it was following a car accident that Alex and I crossed paths. After all these years, we have now become a beautiful family of five humans.


Having a common vision towards the environment, our family has always been concerned about its ecological footprint. We therefore decided to develop a range of reusable products with a unique design that would last over time.


Our first project was to create eco-friendly bamboo plates. Being a busy family, he full-time kinesiologist and osteopathic student, I a building engineering student, the project never saw the light of day. It was after the birth of our third child that we discovered the advantages of silicone products over those of plastics. So we took the big leap to start a business!


Our goal is to provide families with sustainable and healthier products, both for your children and for the environment. We also listen to our customers and try to offer you an ever larger and more diverse range of products.

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